JANUARY = Genuine Garnet
CHARACTERISTIC: Loyalty, Faithfulness and Truth
The Brilliance of the Garnet makes this gemstone a
Most prized possession. During the 18th Century,
Genuine garnets were considered the most treasured
Jewel to own, and it was worn by only the most wealthy And influential people.
Genuine Garnets are found in
Africa, India and South America
JULY = Genuine Ruby

The Genuine Ruby is considered a highly
prized gem of enduring value. Rubies are
mined primarily in Burma and Thailand.
FEBRUARY = Genuine Amethyst
CHARACTERISTICS: Sense of Calm and Dependable Nature

The Genuine Amethyst, because of its beauty,
warmth and color, has always been a very desirable gemstone.
This gemstone is mined in So. America, Russia and
AUGUST = Genuine Peridot
CHARACTERISTICS: Gladness of Heart

The beauty and brilliance of the Genuine
Peridot makes it a treasured possession by all who wear it.
Sources are St. John, and small island in the Red Sea.
MARCH = Genuine Aquamarine
CHARACTERISTICS: Elegance and Grace

The Genuine Aquamarine reminded the Romans of the
Mediterranean Sea. Primary sources of Aquamarines
are Brazil, Russia and Madagascar.
SEPTEMBER = Genuine Sapphire

The Genuine Sapphire possesses
outstanding beauty and has a noble history.
Sapphires have always been highly valued by the Royal Family of Australia, Cambodia and Thailand.
APRIL = Genuine Diamond
CHARACTERISTICS: Light and Innocence

The Genuine Diamond has always been the most
treasured jewel known to man. The major sources
are South America, Russia, and Brazil.
OCTOBER = Opal / Pink Tourmaline

It’s fiery beauty makes the Genuine Opal
one of the most popular gemstones of modern times.
Genuine Opals are mined in the Lighting Ridge area of Australia
MAY = Genuine Emerald
CHARACTERISTICS: Success and Wealth

The word Emerald is derived from the Sanskrit word
meaning the “green of growing things” and people who
wore emeralds symbolized a continually growing love.
Genuine emeralds are mined primarily in Brazil,
Colombia and Africa.
NOVEMBER = Genuine Citrine

Genuine Citrine is noted for its delicate
transparency. Genuine Citrine is found,
almost exclusively, in Brazil, although some
mining is done in Madagascar.
JUNE = Genuine Pearl / Smokey Quartz

The Japanese have developed expertise in breeding
oysters specifically for producing cultured pearls. Today,
pearls are highly desirable for their beautiful luster.
Pearls are principally harvested in oysters in the Sea
of growing love. Japan
DECEMBER = Genuine Blue Topaz
CHARACTERISTICS: Love and Affection

The brilliant Blue topaz is a shade found
rarely in nature. It is the enduring symbol
of love and affection. Blue topaz is found
in Brazil, Sri Lanka, Africa and China.

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